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Very important, please everyone read

Started by Admin 2021-11-25 at 13:10
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Hello AspireBux members,

Please read in full:

Unfortunately, about 30 days ago, my family and I became infected with the Coronavirus and we went through a very difficult situation in the hospital, and in all those moments, I was thinking about the site and you, dear users, from moment to moment.

I thank God that I was able to return home after enduring a lot of suffering, and from today we will continue to work powerfully according to the previous routine of the site.

Very important: Given the circumstances that have arisen and in order to be able to continue with strength again, it is necessary to make minor changes temporarily, namely: all users whose withdrawal amount is above $9 must return 30% of the last withdrawal to the site.

Best regards,
Aspireclix, AspireBux Admin.
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Thank god. You have come out of most difficult phase of your life. i pray almighty for full recovery and good health.

God bless you.

Agree with your proposal
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Admin Sir
My friend referred this site to me. I joined and invested in Rented referrals. I asked for payout and I am waiting. Today only I understood the reason for the payment pending.Thanks God you came back. I believe that I will get my Payment.
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thanks god. admin is back
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Thank god. You have got recovered.
Hope everything will be well now.
God Bless You ...